Archbold, Ohio is that rarity among communities-a town where growth is based on an already thriving infrastructure.A town prepared to support further growth because it has mastered the process. A town of 4346 people which supports well over 4,000 jobs. A town which is prepared to help you succeed. In 1999, Archbold chose to become a “Community of Character.” The village, churches and businesses are working to prove that together we can promote positive character qualities in our youth and community.

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Village Council Agenda


Solid Waste Service Change, Effective January 2019

Archbold Village Council Utility Committee recently reviewed the Residential Refuse Service Agreement and evaluated revenue generated from monthly water bills as well as the general fund subsidy needed to cover all solid waste expenses.

The General Fund subsidizes refuse expenses at 34% of the total cost to provide the service.  The Committee recommended that the current general fund subsidy for refuse be reduced over time to 20%.  This will be accomplished by increasing monthly fees.  The Utility Committee will be meeting in 2019 to evaluate options to achieve this goal.  The Committee recommended a reduction in level of service for 2019 instead of an increase in the monthly fees and Council approved the reduction in service to help contain costs.  The monthly residential refuse fee will remain $9.50 however, “Unlimited Bulk Item Pickup” will be reduced to 2-Bulk Items per month starting in January 2019.  Bulk Item Pick Up Day is as follows:  3rd Friday-North Side of Norfolk Southern tracks, 2nd Thursday-South Side of Norfolk Southern tracks. 

“Bulk Item Pickup” will be limited to two (2) bulk items per month per household according to the current schedule.  Bulk Items shall NOT include regular bagged garbage.  Residents shall place all bagged residential garbage in containers for such purpose and shall not be permitted to place additional bags on the curb as bulk items.   A complete list of Bulk Items is available on the Village Website.  Items that are not considered bulk household items will be left at the curb.  Residents are not permitted to leave items at the curb and will be required to store them until the next bulk item pick-up or remove items by other means.

Click here for a complete list and pricing of Bulk Items.

There are metal scrappers in the area as well as charitable organizations looking for items to repurpose so please consider these opportunities for removal and repurposing of your unwanted items.  The Village is compiling a list of scrapers and charitable organizations in the area, contact the Village Utility Office at 419-445-4726 for more information.