Archbold, Ohio is that rarity among communities-a town where growth is based on an already thriving infrastructure.A town prepared to support further growth because it has mastered the process. A town of 4346 people which supports well over 4,000 jobs. A town which is prepared to help you succeed. In 1999, Archbold chose to become a “Community of Character.” The village, churches and businesses are working to prove that together we can promote positive character qualities in our youth and community.

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FULTON-SR 66 Relocation on CR 24

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Village Council Agenda


Village of Archbold Sidewalk Snow Removal Requirements

In an effort to make sidewalks safe and passable for everyone during the winter months, Village Council has passed an ordinance, No. 2016-32, requiring sidewalks within the village be kept clear of snow and ice.

Your responsibility:  If you own or rent property within the village that has sidewalks that border it, they must be cleared within 2 days after a snowfall and kept clear of ice.

The Village’s responsibility:  To clear the approaches to sidewalks at intersections that the village plows shut and to educate everyone regarding this new ordinance.

This winter 2016-17:  The Village will include a mailing with your water bill regarding this new ordinance.  The Police Department will make contact with those not complying with the new ordinance, but they will not issue any citations.

Next winter 2017-18:  The Police Department will make contact with those not complying with the ordinance and if needed will issue a citation.

We know there will be questions, please feel free to contact the Police Department at 419-445-9991.  Together we can continue to make Archbold safe for everyone.