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Today will not be quite the same,  we have a much different game!

I am dreaming of a white Christmas “Tree”, and to be complete, from your department you must include three.

This is not a game for just one to play, several are needed to complete this task today.

One person must be the tree, covered in white—toilet paper–from head to toe, be a good sport, don’t say NO!

Decorate your tree with ornaments for us to see, what will your color scheme be?

Then send a picture when you have this task complete, then your department employees will all get a treat!

The first department to complete this fun task, wins entries for all–what more could you ask!?!

Make those trees amazing as can be, I am excited for everything we can see!



Today you must be a little creative if you want to play!  This task is easy, it won’t take all day!

We learned that six points are found on a snowflake.  So today, a snowflake you must make!

Take a picture of your work when you are done, maybe an extra entry will be won!


Day SEVEN!  Winners:  Josh J, Trent, Wade, Ada, Chelsea

You may need your phone to help you win this game.  Fasted submissions will enter your name!


Day SIX!  WINNERS:  Josh J., Ada, Chelsea, Wade, Josh B., Tera

The answer to our the FUN math problem was letter A!  Today we just have a trivia game to play!



Day FIVE!  WINNERS:  Josh J., Jon B., Wade, Josh, Ada

Introvert or extrovert, what are you?  Today we will try something new!

Someone asked for a problem with math!  I’ll be taking a hard pass!

So you can solve this problem if you have a clue.  Or send me a picture of three that are part of your crew!

****For every positive 2-digit number,   x,  with tens digit t and units digit u, let y be the 2-digit number formed by reversing the digits of x.  Which of the following expressions is equivalent to x – y?

A.  9(t-u)

B.  9(u-t)

C. 9t-u

D. 9u-t

E.  0



To win today it will take two of you, but it will get your both a step closer to win something new!

What is the next request, what can it be?  Send one picture with you both, with something from your job, in front of a Christmas tree!



We can’t see your whole face anymore this year!  It’s much more difficult to just have a beer!

Send a picture of you in your Christmas mask–cover your face!  Be the first one, and this task you will ace!


Day TWO!  

Put a Santa Hat on top of your head,  it doesn’t necessarily have to be red!

You must also have a candy cane, send your picture, if you want to play this game!


Day ONE!

Looking for an extra chance to win a gift for Christmas this year?

Today’s chance is easy, you have nothing to fear!! : )

Send us a picture of you in your Christmas best!

The first in each department in the ugliest Christmas sweater wins this simple test!

Email your picture to jenkidder@archbold.com for another chance for you name to go in the hat,

Or you can send a text to Jen, no promises I won’t share that!